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A new, easy-to-use kitchen utensil that quickly reduces fresh lettuce to bite-sized pieces

The Lettuce Gizmo (patent and trademark pending) is a lettuce slicing system consisting of a slicing guide, custom knife, and cutting board.  Using the Lettuce Gizmo Slicing System, you can cut the lettuce of your choice into bite-sized pieces, making your own “bagged” lettuce from either head or leaf lettuce in just a few quick and easy steps.

The Lettuce Gizmo Slicing System consists of the Slicing Guide, cutting board, and specially designed knife.
The Lettuce Gizmo Slicing System consists of the Slicing Guide, cutting board, and specially designed knife.

With the Lettuce Gizmo, you can quickly and easily create bite-sized pieces of lettuce as if you were using a commercial-grade lettuce cutter!

Currently, preparing lettuce at home means tearing leaves apart by hand or slicing them free-handedly on a cutting board.  Both approaches are difficult, time consuming and messy. If you choose to slice lettuce on a cutting board, you add the risk of accidentally cutting your fingers.  Making matters worse, these methods usually don’t even yield bite-sized pieces of lettuce!  Processing lettuce into bite-sized pieces is simply troublesome, tedious, and frustrating!

The Lettuce Gizmo significantly reduces the time and effort required to slice fresh lettuce into bite-sized pieces, without making a mess in the process.  It is a simple-to-operate, inexpensive, and safe alternative to a commercial-grade lettuce cutting machine, requiring very little space to operate and store.  It provides a quick-and-easy means of slicing-up lettuce into small, bite-sized pieces.  The easy clean-up design is durable and engineered to last a long time under normal use.  The Lettuce Gizmo, complete with its custom knife and common cutting board, allows you to affordably achieve professional results every time.

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The Lettuce Gizmo quickly pays for itself in savings achieved by cutting and packaging your own lettuce!

At first glance, buying convenient pre-cut/pre-packaged lettuce avoids the hassle of cutting up lettuce yourself. Compared to uncut heads of lettuce, pre-cut/pre-packaged lettuce is very expensive!  Examples from our local grocery store were priced at $3.29 per 11 ounce bag, working out to $4.79 per pound. On the other hand, uncut heads of iceberg lettuce in the same produce section were priced @ just $1.39/34 ounces. After removing the bitter core pieces (generously assuming 25% loss), uncut lettuce comes out to $1.39/25.5 ounces- that’s just 87 cents/pound!

The bottom-line is this:  you can select and buy your own fresh lettuce, quickly and easily cut it up with the Lettuce Gizmo Slicing System, and bag it yourself for as little as 1/5th the price of what the stores charge to do it for you!  This could save you $269.88 to $539.76 (or more) each year on your lettuce purchases!  On top of that, your lettuce will be fresh and clean, and you get to keep the select pieces! 

Preparing to slice iceberg lettuce
Preparing to slice iceberg lettuce

Technical Specifications

Slicing Guide (slotted plastic cylinder)

  • Custom design/manufacture
  • Overall Height: 7.75”
  • Outside diameter of cylinder body: 6.40”
  • Outside diameter, overall (including ribs): 6.80″
  • Top inside diameter: 5.85”
  • Bottom inside diameter: 6.00”
  • Minimum wall thickness: 0.20” (at bottom end; inside walls taper 0.50 degrees towards center, from bottom to top)
  • Slots: 4 parallel sets of 2 each x perpendicular 4 parallel sets of 2 each (16 slots, total)
  • Slot height (from bottom): 5.75”
  • Slot width: 0.150”
  • Material: ABS Plastic (selected for its outstanding material properties)
  • Color: Green
  • Approximate weight: 1.5 lbs

Slicing Knife

  • Custom design/manufacture
  • Round-nosed blade
  • Curved end-to-end blade edge enables rocking/cutting motion
  • Overall length: 14.23”
  • Blade length (heel-to-nose): 9.25”
  • Maximum blade height: 1½”
  • Material: cutlery grade, tempered, flat, stainless steel, 16 gage (0.06” thick)
  • Edge: double-bevel-ground, symmetrical, 20 degrees (from centerline) each side
  • Handle: black, textured, one-piece-molded, polypropylene plastic

Cutting Board

  • Commercially sourced
  • Dimensions: 8.5 inches wide x 11 inches long x 0.30 inches thick
  • Textured cutting surfaces for gripping
  • Material: Polypropylene plastic
  • Color: Translucent white